Headshot Photography Cornwall and Portrait Photography Cornwall

Headshot photography is perfect for both businesses and for professionals who want to have a professional photo of themselves for print, website use or social media. Headshots or portraits can either be taken in a studio setting, at your business or on location for a more natural feel. Cornwall has some of the best locations in the United Kingdom for headshot photography.

actor headshots

Actor Headshots Cornwall

Professional actor headshots are a key requirement for anyone in the acting profession. We can work on location or alternatively use a studio location. Your headshots are often the first thing that a casting director will see so let’s make them shine.

Musician Portraits Cornwall

Musician photoshoots are a superb way to create a stock of imagery for website, social media and marketing. Photoshoots can be either for solo performers or for bands. If you want to get really creative then I am always happy to discuss concepts for album cover shoots.

Portrait Photography Cornwall
corporate headshots

Corporate Headshots Cornwall

Corporate headshots are often a more traditional headshot and provide professional imagery for members of your team. Corporate headshots Cornwall can be taken at your place of work using a portable white studio backdrop. Alternatively, they can be shot using the backdrop of your business.

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